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Discovery of Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-associated Uveitis

Edmund Tsui, MD


BACKGROUND: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)-associated uveitis has an estimated prevalence of 10-20% in patients with JIA, thus making it the most common cause of chronic anterior uveitis in children. Children with JIA require frequent eye exams to evaluate for intraocular inflammation. Current clinical examination methods for evaluation of intraocular inflammation have significant interobserver variability and are semi-quantitative. GAP: Current evaluation of intraocular inflammation in patients with JIA is with slit lamp biomicroscopy, which provides a semi-quantitative and subjective clinical estimation. The goal of this study is to identify imaging-derived biomarkers using anterior segment optical coherence tomography and laser flare photometry to improve our monitoring and screening of intraocular inflammation in patients with JIA. HYPOTHESIS: We hypothesize that an approach to measuring anterior chamber inflammation utilizing objective, imaging-derived biomarkers will provide a more reproducible assessment of inflammation in JIA-associated uveitis than current clinical examination measures. METHODS: This is a prospective, longitudinal cohort study of children with JIA and JIA-associated uveitis. We will use multiple instrument-based approaches including anterior segment optical coherence tomography and laser flare photometry to longitudinally and prospectively quantify anterior chamber inflammation using imaging-derived biomarkers. RESULTS: Pending IMPACT: By developing an objective and reproducible imaging tool to quantify intraocular inflammation in children with JIA, we will be able to better monitor and detect inflammation and implement prompt treatment, which may help prevent permanent vision loss. Website Link:


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University of California, Los Angeles

Gary Holland

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