Thrasher Research Fund - Medical research grants to improve the lives of children


What help is available for preparing a grant proposal?

Research Managers are available by e-mail or telephone to answer questions that may arise while preparing either a Concept Paper or a full proposal. We suggest contacting them to make sure that your proposed work is a fit with the Thrasher Research Fund.

What is the average size and duration of your grants?

Thrasher Award amounts and time periods vary depending on the specific needs of each proposal. Projects are supported for up to three years. Awards from the Fund have ranged from a $100,000 to over $500,000. The Fund's median award is $350,000, with most between $200,000-$400,000.

Early Career Awards are limited to a maximum of $25,000 in direct costs, plus up to 7% indirect costs. Early Career Awards are made for a maximum of two years.

How many grants do you award each year?

The Fund approves 8-10 E.W. "Al" Thrasher Awards per year, and at least 32 Early Career Awards each year.

What are the application deadlines?

Click here for deadlines for the E. W. "Al" Thrasher Awards.

Click here for deadlines for the Early Career Award Program.

How long will it take to go through the review process?

The Fund makes every attempt to move projects through the review process as expeditiously as possible. Many factors can increase or decrease the amount of time for review. It typically takes eight to ten months to complete the review process and receive a final decision on the completed application.

Applicants to the Early Career Award Program click here for specific timelines.

Do you have application forms?

Instructions and templates for Concept Papers and the Proposal Application are found on the website under each award.  Proposal Applications are only to be submitted upon invitation.  The Budget template to be submitted with the Proposal Application is also available on the website.

The following links will direct you to the templates for each award:

E.W. "Al" Thrasher Award

E.W. "Al" Thrasher Award Concept Paper Template
E.W. "Al" Thrasher Award Proposal Application
E.W. "Al' Thrasher Award Budget Template​

Early Career Award

Early Career Award Concept Paper Template
Early Career Award Proposal Application