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Early Career

Status: Funded - Open

Stool MTB polymerase chain reaction to improve pediatric TB diagnosis

Alexander Kay, MD


BACKGROUND: 1) Only 10-20% of children with TB are microbiologically confirmed due to poor performance of existing tests. 2) Pediatric diagnostic specimens, obtained through gastric aspirate, sputum induction or nasopharyngeal aspirate, are often not collected because they are invasive, require additional equipment and perform poorly.

GAP: There is a research and data gap on child TB diagnostics using non-respiratory samples, such as stool, to increase test uptake while also maintaining and building on the performance characteristics of traditional samples.

HYPOTHESIS: Hypothesis 1: Compared to the reference standard of culture, stool qPCR will have non-inferior sensitivity and specificity vs. Xpert (comparator test) completed on respiratory specimens.

Hypothesis 2: Stool Xpert performance will be enhanced by stool homogenization and centrifugation, and the MTBDRplus will identify Mtb and molecular drug resistance in DNA isolated via MPFast soil DNA kits.

METHODS: This will be a prospective, cross-sectional, case control study, stool diagnostics will be assessed compared to the traditional diagnostic pathway. Children (age 6 months- 18 years) who are being evaluated for TB will have stool collected in addition to standard diagnostic tests.

RESULTS: Pending

IMPACT: A test that performs similarly to current diagnostics but is used more frequently because it is non-invasive and requires no training for sample collection could increase the microbiologic diagnosis of pediatric TB.

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