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Status: Funded - Open

The effect of timing of gestational Tdap administration on the avidity of pertussis antibodies

Bahaa Abu Raya, MD


BACKGROUND: There is recent worldwide resurgence of pertussis with severe morbidity and mortality among young infants. In an attempt to protect young infants, immunization of all pregnant women against pertussis is currently recommended during 27-36 weeks gestation in a growing number of countries.

GAP: The optimal timing of immunization during pregnancy to provide the maximal protection to young infants has not been determined. 

HYPOTHESIS: Immunization during early 3rd trimester provides the newborns with antibodies with higher avidity as compared to immunization during late 3rd trimester.

METHODS: Prospective-retrospective study. Cord sera from women immunized and unimmunized with Tdap during third trimester of pregnancy will be tested for avidity.

RESULTS: “Pending”.

IMPACT: Recommending early 3rd trimester immunization will increase immunization opportunities and minimize the bulk of women delivering too early after Tdap receipt. This is of particular relevance for preterm infants who would completely miss out on protection if immunization only occurred in late 3rd trimester.

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University of British Columbia

Tobias Kollmann

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British Columbia

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