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Status: Funded - Open

Clinical epidemiology and antimicrobial management of Pneumonia among critically-ill children

Chris Stockmann, PhD, MSc


BACKGROUND: Globally, pneumonia is the leading pediatric cause of death. In the United States, pneumonia is the cause of 10% of all pediatric hospitalizations.

GAP: Early initiation of appropriate antimicrobial therapy for ill children with bacterial pneumonia is critical; however, initial antimicrobial therapy for pneumonia is often not consistent with national guidelines or tailored to local epidemiology.

HYPOTHESIS: We hypothesize that easily-accessible clinical tools that incorporate local epidemiological data and national guidelines will lead to more appropriate antimicrobial prescribing for critically-ill children with pneumonia.

METHODS: This project will use local data from Primary Children’s Hospital to determine the most common etiological agents of pneumonia among children <18 years of age who were admitted to our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) from 2006-2015. These local epidemiological data will then be used to develop an electronic pediatric pneumonia antimicrobial prescribing clinical decision support tool.

RESULTS: Pending.

IMPACT: This project is expected to result in the development of a fully-functional pediatric pneumonia antimicrobial prescribing tool. In future studies we will test this tool to establish the extent to which it improves the time to initiation of appropriate antimicrobial therapy for children with bacterial pneumonia.

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University of Utah School of Medicine

Andrew Pavia

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