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Impact of chronic kidney disease on health related quality of life of children in Uganda

Peace Imani, M.D., MPH


BACKGROUND: The impact of chronic kidney disease on the quality of life among children seen in the renal clinic at the Mulago National Referral hospital, Uganda is not known.

GAP: Care of children with CKD is complex and best provided with additional psychosocial, developmental, and nutritional assessment and support.  These services could be available in the Renal clinic, but need must be demonstrated in order to integrate them into the care offered to children with CKD.

HYPOTHESIS: The health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of Ugandan children with CKD is poorer than that of children with non-chronic renal diseases.  Co-morbidities may be modifiable and lead to improvement in the HRQoL of these children and to a better future as productive adults

METHODS: This will be a cross-sectional descriptive study of children 0-16 years who are enrolled in the Outpatient Renal Clinic. HRQoL will be determined from PedQL administered to children 8 years and older or to caregivers of children <8 years and scores compared to control children seen in the clinic for reasons other than CKD.

RESULTS: Pending

IMPACT: Results will lead to a better understanding of the epidemiology of pediatric CKD in SSA, CKD impact on HRQoL and identification of modifiable factors and/or co-morbidities such as malnutrition, hypertension, anemia, renal osteodystrophy, infections and other organ system diseases that may improve clinical care of these children.  Results from this study will be utilized to guide resource allocation to the Outpatient Renal Clinic, particularly designing relevant cost effective interventions, such as funding a dietitian to assess the nutritional status of CKD patients and availability of acceptable foods for CKD restricted diets.

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Texas Children's Hospital

Eileen Brewer

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