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E.W. "Al" Thrasher

Status: Funded - Open

Prevention of nosocomial bacteremia and mortality among neonates at a tertiary referral center in Zambia

Davidson Hamer, M.D.


BACKGROUND: Bloodstream infections (BSIs) are the most common hospital-acquired infections in neonatal populations and are associated with increased length of stay, healthcare-associated costs and mortality.  Rates of BSI in developing countries among neonates are 3-20 times higher than rates reported in developed countries.

GAP:  The incidence and mortality of nosocomial bacteremia among sub-Saharan African neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients is poorly characterized.  Furthermore, there are limited data available regarding the impact of low-cost, setting-appropriate infection control interventions that might prevent nosocomial BSIs in this population.

HYPOTHESIS: Implementation of low-cost infection control interventions will result in an important and significant decrease in the incidence of neonatal all-cause mortality and nosocomial bacteremia among NICU patients in a tertiary care facility in Zambia (University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka).

METHODS: We will conduct a 38-month, interrupted time-series study that will evaluate the incidence of nosocomial bacteremia and all-cause mortality among NICU patients before and after implementation of an innovative bundle of low-cost infection control interventions. This bundle will consist of the provision of alcohol-based hand rub and infection control training to healthcare workers, chlorhexidine bathing of neonates and text message-based reminders of infection control recommendations for NICU staff.

RESULTS: Pending.

IMPACT: Development of an effective, low-cost bundle of infection prevention practices will serve as a model for the improvement of neonatal health outcomes in health facilities in other resource-poor settings.

Neonatal, Infectious Disease, Descriptive, Epidemiology, Prevention

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Boston University

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United States, United States, Zambia

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