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Early Career Award Program


We are pleased to announce the recent recipients of the Spring 2015 Early Career Award Program​.  We look forward to working with these exceptional new investigators as they work towards improving the health of children and establishing independent research careers.

Ashley Bjorklund, MD, FAAP - University of Minnesota Advancement of modified bubble CPAP for use in children in low resource settings: A study of safety

Manu Chaudhary, MD - Texas Children's Hospital Prevalence of maternal group B Streptococcal colonization in India

Sarah Coors, DO - Texas Children's Hospital Dextrose gel for newborn hypoglycemia

Jennifer Dan, MD, PHD - University of California, San Diego Immunology of group A Streptococcus tonsillitis

Michelle Eckerle, MD, MPH - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Metabolite Profiles in Viral Respiratory Illness among Malawian Children

Shannon Farmakis, MD - Saint Louis University School of Medicine Shear wave sonoelastography for the noninvasive evaluation of hepatic fibrosis in the pediatric population

Krista Kelly, PhD - Retina Foundation of the Southwest Binocular iPad treatment for amblyopia

Jakob Stokholm, MD, PhD - University of Copenhagen Development of the gut microbiome and the risk of asthma, eczema and allergy

Nathaniel Meuser-Herr, MD - University of Minnesota Sensitivity of lung ultrasound in Ugandan children with radiographic pneumonia

Benson Ogunjimi, MD - University of Antwerp Gene expression analyses for the differentiation between viral and bacterial meningitis in children

Paulina Rebolledo, MD, MSc - Emory University The influence of infant nutritional status on rotavirus vaccine immunity in Bolivia

Kathryn Ridout, MD, PhD - Butler Hospital Examining the mental and physical health sequelae of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric illness

Johanna Riesel, MD - Boston Children's Hospital Surgical management of Typhoid perforations at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital: A pilot, prospective cohort study

Holger Unger, MBChB - The University of Melbourne Intermittent treatment in pregnancy with azithromycin – does it prevent preterm birth by ablating inflammation?

Rens Zonneveld, MD​ - University Medical Center Groningen Infection, sepsis and meningitis in Surinamese neonates: Novel diagnostic strategies​

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