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Early Career Awardees Announced


​Congratulations to the recent recipients of the Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award.  We look forward to working with these bright and upcoming pediatric researchers. 

Silvia Chiang, MD - Texas Children's Hospital  Optimizing treatment regimens for pediatric multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Hillary Crandall, MD, PhD - University of Utah  Invasive Staphylococcal disease in pediatric patients

Andrew DiNardo, MD - Texas Children's Hospital  Effect of helminth infection on Tuberculosis-specific immunology and DNA methylation

Jennifer Duchon, MDCM, MPH - Columbia University Medical Center  Trending and modeling multi-drug resistant organisms in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Dawn Gano, MD, FRCPC - University of California, San Francisco  The neuroToxicity of General Anesthesia (TOGA) study

Whitney Harrington, MD, PhD - University of Washington  Placental malaria and maternal-fetal microchimerism

Susan Hiniker, MD - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital  Feasibility of a computerized neurocognitive intervention program in the early post-transplant setting

David Hoganson, MD - Boston Children's Hospital  Autologous umbilical vein as a shunt conduit in neonatal cardiac surgery

Mildred Iro, MBBS, MRCPCH - University of Oxford  Investigating the effect of Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment on the immunological and inflammatory response in childhood encephalitis

Youn Jee, MD - National Institutes of Health  The role of heparin binding growth factors in fetal and childhood growth

Anja Keitel-Hasler, MD, MPH - Boston Children's Hospital  Electronic algorithms based on host biomarkers Point of Care Tests to decide on admission and antibiotic prescription in Tanzanian children presenting with fever (e-POCT)

Lawrence Ku, MD - Duke University  Effect of feedings on caffeine pharmacokinetics in premature infants

Alison Lee, MD - Columbia University Medical Center  In utero biomass smoke exposure, pro-oxidant/antioxidant imbalance and lung function in rural Ghana

Gwenyth Lee, PhD - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  An evaluation of environmental enteropathy in childhood as a risk factor for later chronic disease

Christopher McKinney, MD - University of Colorado Denver  Statin inhibition of microparticle-mediated inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in sickle cell disease

Leena Mithal, MD - Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago  Cord Blood biomarkers and 16S RRNA PCR for early diagnosis of sepsis in premature infants

Elizabeth Van Dyne, MD - University of California, Los Angeles  Infection prevention of invasive pneumococcal infection in children with sickle cell disease in Malawi

Julia von Oettingen, MD​ - Boston Children's Hospital  Vitamin D deficiency in Haitian children and efficacy of a novel 25(OH)D point-of-care test device

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