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Early Career Awardees Announced


We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award for the October 2013 Cycle.  These grants were chosen from a large pool of excellent ​applicants and studies.  We look forward to learning about the outcomes of this research and the impact of this award on the careers of these awardees. Congratulations!

Sarah-Blythe Ballard, MD, MPH - PRISMA   Norovirus genetic characterization and clinical severity of diarrhea in a "post-rotavirus" setting

Bo Chawes MD, PhD - University of Copenhagen   The early life metabolome in the origins of childhood asthma and allergy

Josephine HaDuong MD - Children's Hospital Los Angeles  Metabolic profiling of malignant bone tumors in pediatrics

Benjamin Hanisch MD - University of Minnesota  Disruption of the blood brain barrier in retinopathy positive vs. negative cerebral malaria

Joshua Lacsina MD, PhD - University of Washington Cytokine expression profiles in Kenyan children with helminth infection

Farrah Mateen MD, PhD - Massachusetts General Hospital​ A smartphone-electroencephalogram to diagnose pediatric epilepsy in Bhutan

Peter Moschovis MD, MPH – Massachusetts General Hospital  The role and consequences of anemia in children with pneumonia

Christina Nixon PhD – Rhode Island Hospital  Naturally acquired T cell immune responses to novel malaria vaccine candidate, PfSEA-1

Daniel Swarr MD – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  Clinical and molecular analysis of congenital pulmonary airway malformations

Melissa Young BS, PhD​ – Emory University  Influence of maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy on child birth outcomes


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